We Moved to Town.          New location at the 4-way.

After a decade on the mountain, we have relocated at 315 6th street, Crested Butte, Co.

Now supplying Crested Butte with Skateboards and Gear.

Time to sign up for the Rental Bike sale on Labour Day! Come get that DH and enjoy the end of Evolution (bike park) on your new Whip.

Gearing Up for Getting Down? Visit CB’s premier Bike Shop.  Autumn is prime riding time, treat yourself to fall riding gear and enjoy the chill in the air.


Crested Butte trails are at a prime, Get that bike rolling!

Please email for rental bike sales,  info@handlebarbikeshop.com

crested butte open mountain bike trail report


Check out the latest trail reports for Crested Butte and Gunnison, Colorado on the CBMBA site. Things are starting to dry out and new trails are opening weekly, please respect trail closures. The Evolution Bike Park at Crested Butte Mountain Resort will open Saturday, June 15th! CBMBA TRAIL REPORT >>

crested butte mountain bike trail video

Reno to Deadman’s

Check out this section of downhill from the Reno->Flag->Bear->Deadman’s ride. This featured downhill is an epic taste of what Crested Butte has to offer mountain bikers.

womens downhill mountain biking

Rosemarie K. Daiek

Check out our good friend Rosemarie K. Daiek, an extreme athlete from Lake Tahoe. Rosemarie is getting her gravity fix in all seasons! Thanks for the pics Rosemarie!