Norco’s bike line has won more Bike of the Year awards than any other bike brand.

Get yourself on Race ready Canfield and Intense bicycles 

Now carrying SE Racing bikes. The style and feel from the 70’s, available with modern components.

Low Rider bikes are Distinguishable Townies, taking over while old Schwinn’s rust away.

 2023 Norco, Intense & Canfield bikes arriving!

Get em while you can:

New Bikes for Sale:

  • SE Bikes Big Flyer
  • SE Bikes x Vans Blocks Flyer 26″
  • Canfield Jedi XL, LG
  • Canfield Tilts XL, LG, MD
  • Canfield Lithiums XL, LG, MD
  • Intense Tazer Expert Medium E-bike
  • Intense Primer Expert SM 27.5
  • Intense Tracer Pro LG
  • Norco Sight C2 VLT Large
  • Norco Range A2 VLT MD
  • Norco Range C1 Large
  • Norco Sight C2 LG, MD
  • Norco Sight A1 LG, SM27
  • Norco Sight A2  XL, SM
  • Norco Sight A3 LG, MD, SM
  • Norco Optic C2 LG, MD
  • Norco Optic C3 LG, MD 
  • Norco Rampage A 6.2 LG Black/Silver
  • Norco Fluid FS 2 LG, MD, SM
  • Norco Fluid FS 3 XS
  • Norco Fluid FS 4 XXL, XL, LG, MD, SM
  • Norco Fluid FS 4.2
  • Norco Fluid FS 2.1 
  • Norco Storm 4.1+ 
  • Norco Storm 2.1, 2.3
  • Norco Roller 20″ Pink, 14″ Orange
  • Volcom x Tuesday Townies, 
  • Fuji Jari Carbon 1.3 54cm
  • Fuji Feather Fixie 56cm
  • Fuji Rookie 20″ White & 16″ Purple
  • Strider, Fuji, & Sun Balance Bikes

2019 bikes looking to get between your legs!

  • Norco Search XR Steel Rival 1   58cm

Rental Bikes at a great price! Come by and see us soon

  • Norco:
  • Optic C1 XL
  • Sight VLT A2 LG, MD
  • Fluid FS4 XL, LG
  • Storm Storm 5 S, XS, XXS
  • Sasquatch 6.1 XL

A few other bikes for sale!

Swing by and Roll away with an incredible price drop off your new ride:

  • Mountain:
  • Intense M29 XL
  • 2016 Norco Aurum A 7.1  Xtra-Large
  • BMX/Slope:
  • SE Bikes Wildman
  • Stolen Casino
  • Stolen Heist